Sydney Schiller

Game Developer and Software Engineer

Who I am

Hello! My name is Sydney Schiller. I am a recent graduate of University of California, Davis with a B.S. in Computer Science. Throughout my journey as a student I was able to fall in love with game, app, and software development. I took many classes to deepen my knowledge of each, became an officer of the game develpment club on campus, and did quite a bit of self-learning through many personal projects.

While computer science is a large part of who I am, I also enjoy creating art and seeing it come to life in a video game or 2D animation. While pursuing my degree, I suplemented my learning by taking classed in traditional studio art, pixel and digital art, as well as 3D model creation and animation.

Using my skills in both computer science and art, I have worked as the middle-man between the programming and art teams for many projects, helping to bridge the gap to bring the project to the desired polish. I would love to continue using these two skills in tandem to create great products.