Dev Diary

June 25, 2019

360 npc Yesterday, I finished setting up the code and arranging the UI for the character creation scene in Unity for our untitled RPG that we have been working on. That progress prompted me to start working on some character sprites for the game today. While in the future I plan on making the player sprite customizable to the point of being able to change the colors of separate pieces of the sprite (hair, eyes, skin, etc.), I decided that to get back into the swing of pixel art, I should focus on just an entire sprite, without having to worry about splitting the pieces up and working in grey tones just yet. The sprite on the left will end up being an NPC for the game, so the work definitely won't be wasted. I hope to have the 8-directional movement done for this character by the end of this week.

slime jump In addition to the 8-directional spin animation for the NPC, I also got back into animation with a slime jumping. I figured this was close enough to the typical "bouncing ball" animation that many early animators start with. It took me a while to get the desired effect of sticking to the ground though, and I'll probably have some edits that I'll want to make later. I'd like to get this enemy finished and in the game soon so we can begin working on basic enemy AI.

I'd really like to split my time equally between programming and art, however for now I know that the pixel art will take quite a bit of time. I'm hoping that once I finish the animations for one humanoid sprite, that the rest of the humanoid animations will be easier. Then I can just focus on character design.