Game & Design Portfolio

A Campus Story

Responsibilities: Level Designer, Game Designer, Environment Artist
Aseprite | Tiled | Tiled2Unity | Unity

Level One: Campus
Level One: Campus
Level Two: Moscow
Level Two: Moscow
Level Three: Michigan
Level Four: Baghdad
Level Four: Baghdad
Level Five: Japan
Level Five: Japan
Level Six: Germany
Level Seven: Egypt
Level Seven: Egypt

Re:Search, A Campus Story is a 2D top-down role playing game developed for the Biomedical Department at University of California, Davis. This game was developed to replace traditional homework, in an effort to promote engagement with the course material while also maintaining the goal of teaching freshmen college students about undergraduate research. This game is currently deployed across all UC campuses as online class teaching undergraduate research basics.

The plot of the game follows a student in a research studies class who must complete an essay on famous researchers. To get first-person sources, the student travels through time and meets famous researches across a variety of fields and completes quests to help the researchers with their field of study.

My responsibilities in our small team include game design, level design, and 2D environment art.I created 7 unique maps composed of at least 100 assets per map using Aseprite and Tiled. I then exported these maps to Unity and insured their functionality through exhaustive collision testing. To allow future team members to take over my role, as I am soon graduating, I maintained detailed documentation on 2D art assets for further future implementations. After the game was deployed, I stayed on the team to continue to balance the set collisions and alter levels as necessary.

C'est La Vie

Responsibilities: Game Artist and Programmer
Pico-8 | Lua

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C'est La Vie is a game inspired by a game played by the sailor scouts in the television show, Sailor Moon. This game is a brawling style game, where you play as Sailor V, and fight your way through Tokyo to save the city. In several spots throughout the two levels, the screen will lock, forcing you to kill all enemies before you can progress. To do this tactfully, there is a combo system within the game which allows you to rank up more damage points.

I worked within a team of 6 (including myself) to create this game within the virtual console, Pico-8. My responsibilites for this game was programming the background parallaxing animation controller for the player sprite, which carried over to the enemy sprites as well. I also created the Sailor V character sprites and all of the environment art as well.


Responsibilities: 2D Art, User Research, Design
Xcode | Swift

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List of Stretches
In Depth Stretch View

Elastic is a mobile application with an interactive human model to assist users in identifying precise locations of pain. When interacting with this human model, users will be able to select progressively more specific muscle groups. Once the area of pain is identified and clicked, the application will provide feedback to the user by displaying a list of stretches and a list of common causes of pain for this muscle. The user will be able to select a stretch and will be displayed diagrams or gifs of people performing this stretch. At any given moment when interacting with the human model, the user will be able to either select progressively more precise muscles, or be able to “zoom out” for more generalized areas of pain.

I contributed to the overall design of the application, as well as conducted user research to test functionality and usability. Over the course of development, we applied HCI concepts, so that the product was user centered. My contribution also included the development and integration of the art assets, which includes the 2D human body, as well as the clickable areas within the body. A summary of the completed work and research can be seen here.

Yum Yum Project

Responsibilities: Level Designer, Game Designer, 2D Artist
Unity | C#

Find the Veggies
Veggie Racing
Veggie Crush

The Yum Yum Project is a game comprised of 14 mini-games, whose main goal is to encourage children around the age of seven to desire vegetables and promote a healthier diet. This game is to be used in a research study put on by the Department of Food Science and Department of Communications at UC Davis. My work on this project includes maintaining documentation on the game specification and design so that all programmers were kept up to date, assisted in the design of all 14 mini-games and prototyped four of those games within Unity. For these games, I worked on player movement, I created the acceleration system for vehicles, and implemented an accessible mouse-based control interface. I also designed nine different race track levels which were based on an easy/medium/hard difficulty level.